South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley to Deliver Keynote Address at Alcohol Law and Policy Conference


South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley, president-elect of the National Association of Attorneys General, will deliver the keynote address at the Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) Eighth Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference to be held September 9 – 11, 2015, at the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois.

This annual event brings together a wide range of experts in the field of alcohol law – including state regulators, attorneys general, legislators, public health leaders, educators and industry officials – to discuss and debate current alcohol laws and policies.

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Michigan Resident Wins First Place in Center for Alcohol Policy’s Seventh Annual Essay Contest

Tim Cuffman thumbnailThe Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) is pleased to announce that Timothy Cuffman, an accountability analyst for National Heritage Academies in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the winner of its Seventh Annual Essay Contest. The CAP national essay contest is intended to foster debate, analysis and examination of state alcohol regulation.

The topic of the 2014 contest was: “As states contemplate the legalization of prohibited products, like marijuana, what are some lessons policymakers and regulators can learn from the movement to end alcohol Prohibition in the 1930s?”

Cuffman’s winning essay, “The Twenty-first Amendment in the Twenty-first Century: Lessons for Cannabis Reform,” outlines the legal, social and geopolitical differences between national alcohol Prohibition and the present prohibition of cannabis. He explains, “While national alcohol Prohibition in the United States was a function of a constitutional amendment (with the corresponding Volstead Act that governed enforcement), the national prohibition of cannabis is simply a function of federal law (while many states have parallel state regulations). Consequently, the method of repeal is different in each case.”

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Center for Alcohol Policy Marks Alcohol Awareness Month

ALEXANDRIA, VA – This April, the Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) joins organizations across the country in recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month, a nationwide campaign recognized by the U.S. Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to raise awareness of the problems that alcohol abuse can cause for individuals, their families and their communities.

“Alcohol Awareness Month is a great opportunity to educate policymakers, regulators and the public about alcohol, its uniqueness and its regulation – which aligns perfectly with the mission of the Center for Alcohol Policy,” said Jim Hall, former chair of the National Transportation Safety Board and current member of the CAP Advisory Council.

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Nominations Open for Third Annual Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award

LeadershipAwardLogoThe Center for Alcohol Policy is now accepting nominations for the Third Annual Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award to be presented at the Center’s upcoming Alcohol Law and Policy Conference September 9 – 11, 2015, at the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois.

The award recognizes the work of alcohol regulators who oversee the alcohol industry and promote public safety. Any governmental agency or its employees working to promote and enforce alcohol laws and regulations are eligible for the award. A specific program that has achieved positive results or an individual within an agency going above and beyond the call of duty are examples of potential nominees. Read more…

Center for Alcohol Policy Marks Anniversary of 21st Amendment

US-ConstitutionOn Friday, December 5, the Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) commemorates the 81st anniversary of the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution. “It’s important for citizens to understand that the repeal of the failed, one-size-fits-all policy of national Prohibition was not the end of the story – it’s where the story of today’s successful system began,” said Patrick Lynch, CAP Advisory Council member and former Rhode Island attorney general. “The 21st Amendment recognized that alcohol is a unique product that is best controlled by individual states, and it provided a solution that continues to be effective today.”

Watch a video about the origin of America’s state-based alcohol regulatory system and to learn about the CAP’s republication of Toward Liquor Control, written in 1933 to help guide alcohol policy in the states post-Prohibition. Read more…

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