New Study Explains How Alcohol Regulation Prevents Counterfeit Alcohol in the United States

Fake_Alcohol_Report_Cover_webFormer Chief Counsel for the United States Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Robert M. Tobiassen released a new report, “The ‘Fake Alcohol’ Situation in the United States: The Impact of Culture, Market Economics, and the Current Regulatory Systems,” at the Center for Alcohol Policy Seventh Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

As part of a panel on “Counterfeit Alcohol: A Global vs. United States Perspective,” Tobiassen described the study’s analysis of “the numerous incidents of fake alcohol products in countries around the world that are routinely reported in the news media, government announcements, social media, and medical and scientific literature with the resulting deaths, social unrest, and marketplace disruptions, among other adverse outcomes.” In contrast, the study documents few such incidents reported in the United States. Read more…

Center for Alcohol Policy Marks Constitution Day, Highlights Educational Video

This Constitution Day, celebrated September 17, the Center for Alcohol Policy highlighted the 21st Amendment’s role in establishing America’s state-based regulatory system. The Center for Alcohol Policy video, “The Origins of America’s State-Based Regulatory System,” explains the origin of today’s alcohol regulatory system, which works to balance alcohol control with an orderly and competitive marketplace. The video describes Center’s republication of the book Toward Liquor Control, which outlined how states could safely sell and serve alcohol following the repeal of Prohibition, and how the book is still helping shape policy today. It also contrasts the effective American regulatory system with the United Kingdom, which has deregulated alcohol over several decades and now faces myriad alcohol-related problems as a result. Read more…

Center for Alcohol Policy Honors Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award Recipient

Keith_BurtThe Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) honored Oklahoma Alcohol Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission Director A. Keith Burt with the Second Annual Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award, which recognizes the work of alcohol regulators who oversee the alcohol industry and promote public safety.  The award was presented by CAP Advisory Council member and former Arizona alcohol regulator Jerry Oliver at the Seventh Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference.

“Keith Burt‘s tireless energy, creativity and dedication to community outreach makes him stand out from the pack,” Oliver said. “He is possibly the longest serving state alcohol regulator in the country, having started at the ABLE Commission as an accountant in 1980, yet he humbly works every day to advance the interest of Oklahomans. He has risen through the ranks to become director and always celebrates the work of the staff at the ABLE Commission. He has been a driving force in the 2Much2Lose (2M2L) efforts to prevent underage sales in Oklahoma.” Read more…

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, State Alcohol Regulators Address Alcohol Law and Policy Conference


The Seventh Annual Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) Alcohol Law and Policy Conference kicked off September 4 in Chicago, Illinois. The conference is a key opportunity for a diverse group of state alcohol regulators, public health advocates, members of the alcohol beverage industry and others interested in alcohol policy issues to come together to learn and share ideas.

Mississippi Attorney General and National Association of Attorneys General President Jim Hood delivered a keynote address on the role state attorneys general play in defending state regulations, including alcohol policies, and efforts to prevent underage drinking. Read more…

Center for Alcohol Policy Partners with Bill of Rights Institute to Offer Lesson Plan for Educators

US-ConstitutionThanks to the work of the Bill of Rights Institute and the support of the Center for Alcohol Policy, educators across the country now have access to a comprehensive “Toast the Constitution!” lesson plan to teach students about the rise and fall of national Prohibition. Developed in partnership with the National Constitution Center’s American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition exhibit, the lesson plan teaches students about the origins of the 18th Amendment, the individuals and groups who fought for and against Prohibition, the events that led to its eventual repeal and the creation of state-based alcohol regulation with the passage of the 21st Amendment. Read more…

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