Law Enforcement Webinar Roundup

On Wednesday, August 10th, the Center, in conjunction with J.T. Griffin of Griffin Strategies, hosted a webinar focused on alcohol laws and both traditional and alcohol law enforcement.

Featuring a fantastic group of experts, our panelists pulled from their years of experience in a conversation about nuances in law enforcement, recent trends based on social pressure, the power of budgets, need for input from all stakeholders, and much more.

Panelists Included:

  • Kelly Roberson, Executive Director, Center for Alcohol Policy
  • J.T. Griffin, Principal, Griffin Strategies
  • Jerry Oliver, Center for Alcohol Policy Advisor, Former Chief of Police, Former Director of the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control
  • Dottie Taylor, Missouri Alcohol & Tobacco Control
  • Mike Brown, Former Chief of Police, Alexandria, VA
  • Matthew Botting, California Alcoholic Beverage Control

Three Key Takeaways from our Webinar Include:

  • Law Enforcement – both traditional and alcohol law enforcement – is under tremendous pressure in the wake of ongoing budget shortcomings, social issues, and COVID.
  • State and local enforcement budgets have been severely impacted causing a big shift in how enforcement occurs, impacting traffic safety and enforcement of alcohol laws.
  • Changing alcohol laws need to be approached in a thoughtful manner considering the far-reaching impacts and various stakeholders – public health in particular

You can find the Webinar below:

Click HERE to read a summary of our 2022 webinar series.


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