Alcohol Law & Policy Conference

Each year the Center brings together some of the best minds in the country – including state alcohol regulators, public health leaders, state attorneys general, state legislators, educators and industry members – to discuss and debate current alcohol issues and challenges. The conference has become the leading national forum for alcohol policy education and networking.

Attendees take advantage of this annual forum to learn about a wide range of topics, including 21st Amendment litigation, trade practice enforcement and public health aspects of alcohol regulation.

We are planning to hold our 14th Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference August 29-31, 2021 in Chicago, Ill., and we can’t wait to see you all in person again later this year!

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We’d like to thank everyone who joined us virtually last year for our 13th Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference! The conference consisted of a series of seminars scheduled over the course of four consecutive Wednesdays in September of 2020.

Our virtual event enjoyed attendance from over 200 regulators, public health advocates, industry representatives, attorneys and legislators, with representation from nearly all 50 states. Our audience heard from many distinguished presenters and experts on a range of topics including:

  • Covid-19 and its impact on alcohol regulation 
  • The Twenty-First Amendment and its future in the courts 
  • A look at the role of state epidemiologists in alcohol policy 
  • Challenges to Trade Practice 
  • Alcohol in the world of technology

What They’re Saying

As we prepared for our first ever virtual alcohol law and policy conference, we touched base with some familiar voices in the space and checked in with them about what’s moving in their world and what they were looking forward to with last year’s conference.

8/27/2020 – This week on #CAPChats, we caught up with Susan Dworak, CEO of Real Identities, who is leading a panel during this year’s Alcohol Law and Policy Conference on the future and renewed challenges of fake IDs.  Listen below and get a sneak peek into what you can expect to learn during this informative session.

8/20/2020 – Listen below to hear from Carrie Christofes, about what’s moving in her world at the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association (NLLEA).

8/13/2020 – Listen here to Neal Insley, Senior Vice President and General Council at the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA).

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