Center for Alcohol Policy Holds 15th Annual Alcohol Law & Policy Conference

Nashville, TN – The Center for Alcohol Policy held its 15th annual Alcohol Law & Policy Conference August 30-31st,  featuring record attendance. The conference brought together regulators, public health advocates, law enforcement and cultural leaders to discuss current and future trends and issues impacting the alcohol industry. 

“The alcohol industry faces many critical and constantly evolving priorities.  From current litigation and issues like direct-to-consumer shipping and trade practices, to the effects of alcohol on public health and safety, alcohol law and policy play an important role in today’s society. This conference provides a valuable opportunity for parties across the alcohol sector to discuss and debate these issues, connect and learn from one another,” said Kelly Roberson, Executive Director of the Center for Alcohol Policy. “I want to thank all our speakers and attendees for providing for a robust discussion with the highest attendance yet for this conference.”

In his keynote address, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr discussed some of the top priorities for his office, including consumer protection, prosecuting fraud and corruption, and addressing cyber fraud. He stressed his commitment to a state-based alcohol regulation, as well as the importance of maintaining a stable and reliable legal and regulatory environment in general. Businesses should have clear laws and regulations on which they can rely. He thanked the Center for Alcohol Policy for its partnership and important work to advance alcohol policy.

Carr also discussed his focus on the fight against human trafficking and thanked beer distributors for their partnership on this critical issue through the Distributors Against Human Trafficking Initiative. This initiative gives beer distribution employees the training and resources necessary to recognize and report the signs of human trafficking.  

In addition, attendees heard panel discussions on the 21st Amendment and current alcohol litigation, got an update from federal and state regulators, and heard discussions on how alcohol law and regulation affects public health and safety, in particular traffic safety. Discussions also centered around current hot topics in alcohol regulation, such as direct-to-consumer shipping, drinks to go and new entrants into the marketplace.  Participants also heard a conversation about some of the cultural impacts of alcohol and how it has impacted music and culture over the course of the 20th century.

As part of the conference, the Center presented its 2022 Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Awards to Becky Schlauch, Administrator of the Montana Department of Revenue’s Liquor Control Division, and Thomas Graham, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Executive Director.



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