Traffic Safety Webinar Roundup

On Wednesday, June 15th, the Center, in conjunction with J.T. Griffin of Griffin Strategies, hosted a webinar addressing current trends in alcohol consumption and traffic safety.

Featuring leading industry experts, our panelists discussed the nuances of traffic safety including technological innovation, alcohol delivery services, recent concerning trends, and so much more.

Panelists included:

  • Cassie Tourre, National Alcohol Beverage Control Association
  • Jeff Michael, Johns Hopkins University
  • Matthew Stemple, North Carolina Department of Public Safety
  • Kelly Roberson, Center for Alcohol Policy

Three key takeaways from our webinar include:

  • Look upstream and consider solutions that can prevent drunk driving from ever occurring in the first place. Making sure that alcohol is consumed safely and properly and that it is sold in a way that does not encourage excessive consumption.
  • Consider applying for funding through the Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program.
  • Review the Center’s recent national survey on alcohol regulation where 56% of Americans want lawmakers to evaluate broader impact before implementing permanent changes to alcohol laws.

You can watch the video below and slides from our presenters can be found HERE.

Stay tuned as the Center will be hosting a follow up conversation regarding the intersection of drunk driving and law enforcement – from the perspective of both traffic safety and alcohol law enforcement.

Click HERE to read a summary of our 2022 webinar series.


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