The Center Co-hosts Arizona Alcohol Policy Forum Examining State-Based Alcohol Regulation, E-Commerce, Public Health and Safety

The Center held its 7th State Alcohol Policy Forum on Friday, September 6 in Scottsdale, Arizona in coordination with the Beverage Alcohol Community Information Council (BACIC)

Lester Jones, chief economist for the National Beer Wholesalers Association, kicked things off with a look at the economic impacts of the alcohol industry, its past, present and future, and specifically within the state of Arizona. Pam Erickson, a Center supported consultant and expert witness on alcohol regulation, presented on how to balance public safety and business needs through effective and responsible state alcohol regulations. 

Additional topics included internet sales, shipping and delivery of alcohol, and the challenges and opportunities that come along with eCommerce in the industry. Representatives from public safety advocacy organizations, industry groups and alcohol regulators discussed best practices for tackling public health issues involving alcohol, while the final panel session debated emerging public policy considerations for the legalization of marijuana, and how it may or may not look similar to historic alcohol regulation.

Lastly, The Honorable Mark Brnovich delivered a dynamic keynote presentation during the forum’s luncheon, where he elaborated on his experiences as Attorney General of Arizona and the benefits of state-based regulation of alcohol. You can view the full program and lineup here

The Center for Alcohol Policy regularly hosts state alcohol policy forums, along with its annual alcohol law and policy conference, that bring together a wide range of experts in the field of alcohol law. Arizona wrapped up the Center’s state forums for 2019, but the Center is excited to hold more throughout 2020. 


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