Center for Alcohol Policy Presents National Award to Texas Regulator

Center for Alcohol Policy Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award Recipient Sherry CookThe Center for Alcohol Policy presented Sherry Cook, executive director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), with the Fourth Annual Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award. The award, which recognizes a specific program, agency or person who oversees the alcohol industry and promotes public safety, was presented by the Center’s Advisory Council at the Ninth Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference in Dallas, Texas.

“The Center for Alcohol Policy appreciates that alcohol regulators are the front lines of many initiatives in the states aimed at keeping the alcohol industry properly regulated, promoting public health and safety and supporting a competitive business marketplace,” said Jerry Oliver, a Center Advisory Council member who has served as alcohol regulator in Arizona and as police chief in Pasadena, Richmond and Detroit. “This award highlights effective best practices that may serve as examples to alcohol regulators in other states.”

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