Center Files 5th Amicus Brief in Support of State Alcohol Laws

The Center for Alcohol Policy has submitted an amicus brief in Chicago Wine Company v. Eric Holcomb and Wine and Spirits Wholesales of Indiana before the 7th Circuit in support of Indiana state retail delivery laws. The plaintiffs in the case allege that the Indiana laws do not favor their business model and violate the Dormant Commerce Clause and the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the United States Constitution.

Learn more about the case here.

This is the 5th amicus brief the Center has submitted in support of state alcohol laws over the course of 5 years. The Center’s most recent brief in the Chicago Wine Company case supports the State of Indiana and the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers. It expounds on the historical context in which states developed and implemented unique three-tier distribution systems and regulations like the ones at issue in the 7th Circuit. The concerns that guided states to adopt this robust and efficient regulatory system after the repeal of Prohibition help to explain why these Indiana laws – and similar laws across the country – serve legitimate goals under the Twenty-first Amendment. You can read the Center’s brief here


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